View Full Version : Help! Need to find a nice barrel mount for light or laser?

October 23, 2012, 07:07 AM
Hi all!

I’m looking for a barrel mount solution for adding on a flashlight or laser. It should not need a rail of any sort, just attach around the rifle’s barrel or the magazine tube of a shotgun, and then allow for sliding in the light or laser INTO IT’S LOWER OPENING. .

I’m fresh out of rail space and don’t want to begin drilling for mnore.

The rifle barrel is a bit over .50 and is a 40 S&W caliber Beretta carbine. The Shotgun is A Mossberg SPX 930 12 ga. tactical… with an extended mag tube from Nordic as well as with a brace for both barrel and mag tube, affixed immediately behind the front sight. . I feel there is adequate room on either to attach a bracket which supports a light.

I prefer the light source inline above or below the barrel, rather than as an offset to right or left of it as I see so commonly elsewhere, hence the request for such a contraption..

I have seen only the NC Star God awful ugly one for around $10.

There has to be something better out there!?

Many Thanks.