View Full Version : please clarify different safties on 870s

December 17, 2000, 08:44 PM
I was reading the thread regarding the differences of the 870 Express and Police Magnum shotguns and I didn't understand the old safety/new safety thing. I own three 870s; one Express from around '94 with Choate extension and Police 18" barrel, one Police Magnum from late 80's, and one Police Magnum with factory extension and synth stock that is a very recent make. I've noticed no difference in the safeties. Please explain. Is it an internal difference? Do I need to replace the safety on on my Express?

December 17, 2000, 09:56 PM
you should be fine. The new saftey has a key hole in it with a special remington key to turn it on and off, basically working as a lock. Many people replace these becuse it has on incedent gone into the locked mode on there own, thereby preventing traditional operation when you need it.