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December 16, 2000, 06:32 PM
Today I took my Benelli (PG stock, GR sights) to the gun show in my quest to get the cash to buy a Colt Python and a Remington 870. I've only taken the Benelli to the range once and put 25 shells through it, which is part of the reason I'm selling it: if I don't shoot a gun, I sell it. Anyway, I was asking $875 for the gun and the extra seven round tube, a price that's about what I paid for everything. I had the box and everything that comes with a new gun, but you would have thought I was asking $10,000. There was a guy there who had a pre-ban H&K (straight stock, rifle sights) who was asking $600 and eventually dropped his price to $500 and still had no takers.

To cut to the quick: am I out of line in asking for the price I paid (which I thought was a good price) for a gun that is essentially new? Or should I swallow hard and take a hit? I just get tired of losing money on guns at the shows.

Any opinions much appreciated.


cuerno de chivo
December 17, 2000, 01:09 AM
$875 seems to be a fair price for a pre-ban Benelli. The pre-ban HK91 is definitely worth much more than $500. I would not expect any good offers from table holders. They are often liars, cheats, and thieves from my experience.

December 17, 2000, 12:21 PM
The pre-ban M1 you were selling with high cap mag seems to have a very good price (in today's market). IMO, I think a possible problem is that most people are a little more leary of used guns for (relatively) high prices. They also have to take your word on only 25 rounds through the gun. This and (again IMO) what seems to be a move away from PG stocks could be the reason. The gun shop I frequent sells standard stock/7 rd/GR and PG stock/5 rd/GR M1s for about the price you were selling. (Haven't really looked at the Benellis at gun shows lately but generally the prices there are 0-15% less than shops in NE Ohio.) 'Why buy a used PG stocked/7 rd gun when you can have a brand new one with a standard stock for the same price? The PG stock doesn't gain you much anyways.' - I think is the question that went thru the minds of interested parties looking at your gun.

To summerize, I think the demand for pre-ban configured Benellis has waned a bit. Glad I got mine before the ban. Who knows, the demand could pick up again in the future. Good luck.

As for the Pre-ban HK/Benelli/$500 gun, depends on the condition of the gun.

December 17, 2000, 07:15 PM
My M1 isn't a pre-ban, I just had the 7 shell tube along (not installed, though). It's pretty obvious just looking at any bearing surfaces in the chamber that the gun has barely been fired. I was really tempted to buy the pre-ban H&K from that guy. It was in excellent condition, and he was obviously trying to raise cash in a hurry. Within an hour he dropped his price from $700 to $600 to $500. His buddy had an 870 satin nickel that he was anxious to part with. Never seen one of those. It wasn't a marine stainless, it was nickel.

Gun shows are funny, and so are some of the people who frequent them. A guy came up to me, looked at the shotgun, asked the price, then said, "heck, Rusk's gun shop has those for $799." Yeah, I said, that's about what I paid. Then tack on about $60 for the seven shell tube, plus $48 for sales tax and you're at $907. And you're in the FBI files. "But Rusk's is only asking $799," he responded. :rolleyes:


December 18, 2000, 11:25 AM
That's not a bad price at all. Around my area, post-ban M1 Super 90s go for $750-850 and thus pre-ban guns (lightly used) would be selling for close to $1k. Even then, the post-ban M1s that go for $750 usually have rifle sights and not ghost rings.

Was walking around the Harrisburg MAAC show last week and saw two post-ban M1s for $760, both with rifle sights. One very interesting gun at the Fort Washington, PA show this past weekend was a pre-ban M3 (NIB) for $875 but that's a really rare deal.


December 20, 2000, 10:45 AM
I think $875 is a bit high- you mentioned that this is a post-ban gun. The mag extension is irrelevant w/ a post-ban gun, unless you also have a straight stock for sale as well. Combining the PG with the mag extension is a violation of USC title 18, sec. 922 and will get you in deep doo-doo if you get caught and prosecuted.

$700-$750 and you should have a few buyers. I've seen PG, short tube Benellis w/ GRs for about $800 NIB at the shows.
If you had a straight stock on it, I'd pick it up for $750 including the mag extension.

December 20, 2000, 04:21 PM
Hi, CleanerPA. I know that installing the seven-shot tube is illegal.
If a two-round limiter is permanently installed, though, it's legal. Found this out after many calls to the BATF. Something like JB Weld would permanently fix the rod into the tube.

After years of buying and selling guns at gun shows, I've just gotten sick of paying a bit too much and having to sell for too little.
To my way of thinking, a gun that has the box with it, no scratches or blemishes and only has 25 shells through it is new. So, I guess I'll keep the Benelli (not the worst thing to have to do), give up for now on the idea of an 870 Police magnum, and scrape together a couple hundred more $$ for the Python.

In other words, the dealers can stuff it.