View Full Version : Who has 590A1s?

cuerno de chivo
December 16, 2000, 03:07 PM
I'm looking for a 18.5", bead shighted, parkerized 590A1. Can only find 20" ones. Been to 6 FFLs and no luck. Any one have a source?


December 16, 2000, 06:14 PM
did you try mossberg, gun parts corp or some other parts companies?

December 17, 2000, 02:06 AM
You might get in touch with http://www.vangcomp.com/ - they buy the 18.5 inchers by the dozen. Also try http://www.kiesler.com/

cuerno de chivo
December 17, 2000, 04:18 AM
Thanks for the suggestions.

Will Kiesler ship to an FFL without the buyer being a JBT/LEO?

Vang only has the ghost ring sighted models. I've found a 20" for $345 but no luck on the 18.5" Parked w/ bead.

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