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October 3, 2012, 09:32 PM
Greetings to all!

My wife got me a beautiful Longtrac 30.06 for Christmas last year to replace my Remmy 742 I gave to my son for a graduation present. I finally found the time to get a 3.5-10 Leuplod VX-3 CDS mounted with STD Leupold rings and base, (with Blue Loctite and bore sighted). Went out this weekend and started at 25 yards. Went to 50. and finally 100.

I was using Federal 150's (blue box) and made it 100 yrds in 10 rounds to hit paper close to center.

Shot some other rifles while I was letting the barrel cool.

Switched to Winchester Supreme 168 Ballistic Silvertips. Waited 2 mins between shots. Groupings were horrible. 5-8" left & right flyers.. you name it. I couldn't even get Core-Lokts or the Feds to group.

I am a pretty competent shot due to I have a couple Tikka T3's I get consistent sub moa groups with a 270 wsm and a 300 wsm. So I felt confident in ruling out me as the problem.

Reading forums I read of issues involving forend issues. I decided to take a look at the gas system. Looked at forend and this is how it was mounted:


(could not adjust the forend upon re installation to center the wood.)

Upon removing the forend, I first noticed that it was barely snug, as in it took little effort to loosen it.

After I removed it, I rotated the firearm and one of the slides fell off. I put it back on and noticed that with the bolt closed, it doesn't sit on the inertia block fully with bolt open. Only the opposite side does.


Opened to bolt and this is what it looks like on the slides:


Seems like the one side is off. I took the slide off and verified it was straight and not bent with a a gauge. This same gauge is also already showing wear on the front end side of it. Bluing is wearing already as if it is riding along the forend when it is cycling.

I would assume none of this is normal?

October 3, 2012, 10:04 PM
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