View Full Version : Two Final Options, LaRue PredatAR or Colt Pro Competition Rifle CRP-18 - Best Choice?

September 22, 2012, 06:24 PM
As the title says, I've been researching for months on the best .223/5/56 AR15 for my friend and I. These are our first AR-15's, but we intend to use them for many years. We will be shooting plenty at the range, occasional pumpkins, etc., and also doing a lot of coyote hunting and possibly some hogs in Texas or California.

I had more or less settled on the LaRue PredatAR (only wish we could afford the PredatAR-OBR) and called over thirty LaRue dealers today searching for two 18in. PredatARs. All of them raved about the LaRue rifles, the build quality, the accuracy, and their customer service, however, it's almost impossible to find one available, much less two. And 6-8 months is the average timeline to get one, which we can't wait for. I did finally locate two guns, and we are ready to pull the trigger on those, no pun intended.

One other possibility has me wondering though. During the calls to LaRue dealers today, I had extended conversations with two gunsmiths (also LaRue dealers). In both cases, while they strongly recommended the PredatAR, they also said we might want to at least consider the relatively new Colt Competition Rifle (Colt Pro CRP-18).


The reasons why included incredible accuracy, bettering the LaRue, a match grade barrel, and the fact that the guns both share some key components (Magpul stock, Gieissele trigger, etc.), and both have very high build quality. Actual street prices are essentially also the same. And since I know you will ask, the accuracy claims were based on the average three shot factory target groups sent out with the rifles from LaRue and Colt that they had received.

I can find very little (actually nothing) in the way of reviews, or commentary on the Colt. I would appreciate any information, experience or expertise to help me ensure we have chosen the best option. Thanks.

The Long Shot
September 22, 2012, 09:15 PM
Larue quality is top noch, but the predatar has a thin profile barrel. The colt crp-18 looks good too. The colt has a heavy profile barrel. The thin profile barrel on the predatar you will notice your groups to open up a bit due to "heat stringing". Here is what larue said about it:

The PredatAR is meant as a hunting or 3 gun rifle, not a tactical rifle. The pencil barrel will heat much quicker and groups will open up considerably with sustained rapid fire.

The predatar is designed to be a lightweight rifle. The colt CRP-18 is designed more as a "Match" rifle. Hopefully this helps you with your decision.

Also, you can attach picatinny rail sections to the predatar rail without changing it, so if you get the sudden impulse to hang tons of crap on your gun you can.

The Long Shot
September 22, 2012, 09:31 PM
Whoops Double post:rolleyes: