View Full Version : Extended bolt release for sig m400.

September 21, 2012, 12:49 AM
I was considering a Sig M400 today. It's on sale right now at the local gun shop and I've been finally considering an AR. But given the design of the magwell and the ambi mag release, just out of curiosity, is there an extended bolt release that will fit it? It's not a deal breaker over something so small, just curious. Before I saw the Sig that was on sale, I had my heart set on an M&P MOE Mid length. You know, the 1:8 5R 4140 CMV bbl. Not that I know that much but from what I've read around apparently thats pretty damn good. As well as the magpul magwell thats supposed to be slightly flared better and all the other goodies! The two seam to be mostly identical. The biggest difference being the bbl (the Sig being a 1:7 carbine length) and Sig's (I just read it earlier and I'm drawing a blank) "thing" in the lower to keep it and the upper tighter together. Should I hold out for the M&P? Or should I jump on the Sig? Now, before someone tells me to search it because it's already been discussed, note that I already have. Just wondering if there is any new insight! What I want it for is to plink for now, but I would like to get into some competition for fun! And not that I need a super high end, but would like it to be worthy and not have to buy another one or do much upgrades to it. Thank in advance folks!

September 21, 2012, 08:01 PM
Either one would serve you well. If the price is right buy the Sig and lots of ammo. Shoot well, shoot safe.