View Full Version : Scope for S&W MP15 and Ruger 10/22

September 18, 2012, 06:39 PM
I recently purchased a S&W MP15 Sport. It's been a great rifle with iron sights and i'm currently looking for optics. I'm pretty sure I want to go with a 3X or 4X compact size fixed power scope. I like the idea of a red dot but I would like to have the zoom available if needed. I plan to shot from 50-300 yards and maybe longer but I'm not interested in tight groups at 200+ yards.

I am looking pretty hard at the Nikon P223 3X fixed power scope and the Primary Arms Compact 3X or 1x4x24 scope. I actually bought two of the Nikon 223 3X at Walmart this week. I am amazed they hard them when no one else does. Anyway they have a great return policy so I decided to get them.

There are not that many review on the P223 online. I mounted the P223 with the offset mounts which are $50 and it fits with good eye relief.

I have read a lot of good things about the Primary Arm Compact 3X scope (Burris AR332 clone). It looks real nice and will fit perfect with my Magpul fold down rear sights.

Since i'm scope shopping I would also like a new scope for my Ruger 10/22. I leaning towards the Primary Arms 1x4x24, Nikon P22, or Nikon P223.

So i'm open too feedback on these scopes and any other suggestions. My goal is to stay under $250 for the MP15 scope and $150 for the 10/22 scope. I want a descent scope but I understand it will have limitations at that price point. I'm running scope barrels, triggers, and bulk ammo so I don't expect sub moa groups.

Thanks for the help!

Lloyd Smale
September 19, 2012, 05:42 AM
ive got vortex strike fires on my mp 22 and one of my 1022s and love them. they come with a cheap 2x adapter that screws on. its not the best opticaly but does double the power.