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September 16, 2012, 01:22 PM
I'm wanting an honest opinion.

Had a 10/22 years ago and wasn't impressed. Ending up giving it to a neighbor kid.

I realized they changed a lot but since I have lots of 22s didn't figure I needed one.............that is until I saw Cabela's had the Take down model.

The bug hit me, but I am concerned about change zeros when you take thme apart and put them back together.

I was at a match a couple weeks ago where they were allowing 22s in the 3 gun event.

I happened to menton that the take downs looked interesting, just about the time one guys starts shooting his. It was a first class jam-a-matic, not to mention he couldn't hit anything.

I decided to forget the idea when someone told me that in this case it was the shooter, normally the take downs work great.

Kind of a good idea to go with my Ruger MK III 22/45. Might even put the same red dot sight on the 10/22 if I get one.

So I'm wanting honest opinions from those who have them. I want accuracy and I want reliability.

Do they work?

September 16, 2012, 01:41 PM
I own a newer(3 years old) 10/22, not the take down but same action. my older brother has one that is 7 years old, my brother in law owns a 20+ year old and on the last camping trip I went on with him his uncle and step father both had 15+ year old 10/22s...none of them jammed even once and we did a LOT of shooting.

I've had issues with older ammo but after putting it in several other 22s with similar results I am confident that it was the ammo not the gun.

as for change of zero my LGS wanted to test that out so they set up a video camera and a number of pre loaded 10 round clips and 10 targets. they spent the first magazine just zeroing the rifle in at 25 yards and then every time they emptied a magazine they took it down and put it back together, nothing wandered outside the bullseyes. they have an Ipad in the store with the video posted up next to the 10 targets as proof.

I wouldn't worry about wandering zero, any cases of that are probably people stuffing them in a dufflebag and bouncing their optics between cookware and canned food.