View Full Version : Laminate-stock 91-30 in stock at Classic Arms

September 8, 2012, 06:53 PM

Wow have these gun up! I bought one from Classic Arms a couple of years ago and I paid $109. I was thinking about selling it but on 2nd thought....nay.
Sign of the times,I guess.:eek:

September 9, 2012, 11:06 AM
That's a ridiculous price...
Centerfire Systems is currently out of stock, but will accept backorders at $109.95...

They keep trying to perpetrate the myth that Mosins are becoming "rare" or in short supply, in an effort to drive their prices up.

Just like there are sites selling round receiver, wartime 91/30's for $130 and MORE... you can still find them for under $100 at any number of places.

Tens of millions of these rifles made. As they say "short supply", there are no doubt containers full of unopened crates.

Like any product, they're trying to determine what the market will bear. The rifles have become more popular, no doubt. If they flood the market with all that's available, prices will plummet. So, they have to control the supply.

For the collector, some models will always have increased value.
But as a pure shooting rifle- if it were not for the cheap surplus ammo- they wouldn't be able to sell nearly as many, even at $100...

Prices for highly accurate, factory bolt guns has come down, as quality has gone up.

Would I pay $180 for an ancient Mosin when I can get a brand new, MOA accurate Ruger or Savage for about $300? For any reason other than collecting, no way...

And I'm a big fan of the Mosin, I have one highly modified that I shoot long range. But, they are...what they are...

September 9, 2012, 10:26 PM
there were millions of springfields, enfields, and mausers made and yet how many of them are still in heavy supply? mosins became the lastest craze when enfields were no longer the cheapest milsurp out there and since ammo has remained the cheapest of any milsurp round for about the last 10 years you can bet that the mosin nagant is going to run out at some point. it is a little unfortunate that the lamanate stocks are hitting the market during obamascare 2012 but I guess that's life for you.

by my understanding the lamanate stocks are a lot more rare than the average 19/30 on the market and with the averages going for around $140 at retail(not internet +ffl and shipping) I would be willing to say that 179 is an ok price but not really what would have been considered a bargain even just a couple years ago.