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george waters
December 14, 2000, 12:38 PM
nholden told me to try this,so here goes.
I am trying to find information as to value and etc. on a 30-06 w/scope, I bought in 1970.The markings on it or as follows
Deutsche Waffin-Und
Santa Fe Deluxe Mauser MK-1
Model 12014
Golden State Arms Corporation
Pasadena Calif.

James K
December 14, 2000, 10:11 PM
Golden State was a large arms importer and mail order dealer in California. They sold mainly military surplus and were connected (not sure how) with Santa Fe Arms and National Ordnance. One of their principle business areas was "sporterizing" various military rifles to sell on the American market. That rifle is most likely a sporterized Mauser 98. If so, the rifle was originally a military rifle made by Deutsche Waffen-und Muntions Fabriken (German Weapons and Munitions Manufactory) in Berlin, Germany. Since DWM sold rifles all over the world, I would need more information to determine, if possible at all, which nation originally used the rifle.

Look at the top of the receiver ring and there may be a crest or a code that will indicate the country. The original caliber was probably 7mm or 8mm, not .30-'06. Such a conversion involves opening the magazine enough to hold the longer American cartridge.

The model number is simply one given it by Golden State and has no meaning in terms of military use.

The value, unless there is something exceptional, is the same as any other sporterized Mauser 98, or probably around $250, depending on the quality of the work (it was not always the best) and on whether there is a scope, etc.