View Full Version : How did you learn the sight pict. for Mausers at 50-100 yards?

Ignition Override
August 20, 2012, 12:39 AM
As the gun bug never bit me until into my 50s, aperture sights seem to be the only way to get decent groups at these distances, i.e. the Enfield #4s, #5s and my Garand.

This Yugo 48A 'escapes me', and so has not been used for over a year. It's a shame, decent bore and 2,000 rds. of fairly cheap Yugo/Czech ammo are left.
I can line up the tip of the thin post 'wedge' with the rear sight, but can only guess at how low to put it under a bullseye, to be quite frank. A "w.a.g.".

Maybe I gave up too easily, but Mausers also don't give you much of a rear sight. The eyes are ok for my age, but might not last much longer.
Could always 'cave in' and buy a "B-Square" rear sight mount for scope, but this avoids the problem, and huge numbers of young soldiers mastered the iron sights, I suppose.

August 20, 2012, 01:07 AM
Don't waste your money on the B-Square mount. It causes more problems than it "solves".

Just try a few different sight pictures, to see what the rifle wants.
Try putting the center of the target above the front post.
Try putting the center of the target even with the front post.
And, try covering the intended point of impact with the front post.

Fire a group with each method, and see where the actual POI is at.
From there, you can make sight adjustments to get the POI right where you want it in relation to the sight picture.

August 20, 2012, 01:08 AM
I have shot Mausers for years, so perhaps it is a learned thing, I never had any problems. As an older shooter, Mauser sights seem to me to be more forgiving of old guys' eyesight limitation. The relatively short distance between front and rear sight allows me to properly set the thin blade into the V and hold it there fairly well and hold a good sight picture. The thing to remember is to relax and sight naturally, settle the point of the front into the notch and fire, dont try to wrestle with it. The shallow rear v and the pointy front post really do seem to aligh naturally once you stop trying to make sure you can see enough of the blade, have it centered, etc. If you can see the front sight in the v, shoot.