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August 18, 2012, 11:19 AM
I have owned a 96/22 for several years now, and put more rounds through it than any other firearm. In my opinion it is one of the finest .22s ever made.

Sadly, there's a lot of info lacking on it. The 96/22 uses a JX1 mag, the 10/22 uses a BX1. As the JX1s are still readily available, this is not a problem. What I'm hoping for is a 96/22 25rd mag. I'm not that web-savvy, and all I can find on the internet is that they used to make them in Australia, but no longer.

As far as the interchangeability of the BX1 and JX1, you'll find mixed opinions online. As someone who's put many thousands of rounds through both mags in a 96/22, I can tell you that the BX1 will work, sort of. About one in 50 to 75 rounds will jam. It seems as though the angle of feed on the BX1 is a little bit more shallow than the JX1, causing the bullet, especially HPs, to hit the bottom of the barrel and stick.

I'm considering taking a BX1 and using a round chainsaw file to alter the angle of feed to make it a little steeper. If this works, I may try the same procedure on a 25rd mag. Ruger doesn't know the angle of feed on either mag, which is rather annoying. Someone there must, but just try getting past the phone bank.

Has anyone tried this? Tips, thoughts? Anyone know some backwater of the internet where one can still buy 25rd mags for the 96/22?


Also, as a tip for any 96/22 owners considering buying TechSights, the hole spacing is different than that on the 10/22. You will need to drill press a new hole in the rear sight base or drill and tap a new hole in the receiver before you can mount anything 10/22 compatible. Consider yourself warned.

Also, the process for lowering the trigger pull is similar to the process for the 10/22, but not identical. If you have any questions on it, feel free to ask.

Safe shooting and steady crosswinds,

big al hunter
August 18, 2012, 05:42 PM
I asked my gunsmith to adjust my magazine once. He refused citing a federal law forbidding it. Probably why nobody will say anything about altering them.

August 18, 2012, 07:29 PM
I could see where altering a legal magazine to work in a banned gun would cause a problem, but not here. I'm guessing there is more to the story, or the gunsmith just didn't want to do it. People tweak magazines quite often to work better.

With only 1 malfunction per 50-75 rounds I wouldn't worry about it. If it were on a SD gun where a malfunction could get you killed it would be different.

big al hunter
August 18, 2012, 11:23 PM
IIRC he said it was illegal for him to alter the magazine. He did say I could do what I wanted with it but the law restricted him from altering it. He would have been happy to do it as he was already working on the feed ramp and could have charged for it. He did not want to risk loosing his FFL.

August 20, 2012, 04:03 AM
I've always liked the 96/22 and am in the hunt for a 96/22M. Found one about 2 yrs ago and should have bought it.

The 96 series is one of the Ruger firearms discontinued now that Ruger is run by bean counters.