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December 12, 2000, 07:41 PM
I have always resisted using any kind of optic sight. I thought they looked tacky. However, I was recently at a charity hunt in Yankton South Dakota and a Tru Glo rep all but insisted on giving me one of their sights. I tried it, just to be polite. After three days of hunting, I am now hooked. It absolutely will help you to concentrate on your the front "bead" and has helped my shoting. This was especially true during the last half hour of shooting light. Anyone else have experience with these optics?

December 13, 2000, 10:20 AM
For turkey or deer hunting, I'm sure that they are useful is seeing the front sight, especially in low light conditions.

For wingshooting and clays, I do not like any gadget that draws my attention away from the target.

December 14, 2000, 06:07 AM
I mounted a set on my Moss. 835 and they have worked out fine. In early morning low light situations they are the just the ticket for my 50 year old eyes. Made a believer ot of me!

Dave McC
December 14, 2000, 06:36 AM
I've mixed feelings about hi-vis sights. On a HD/Tactical/ WIHTF shotgun, definitely.Actually,on any shotgun shot more like a rifle, good idea
The GR sights on mine have been emphasized by a little white or yellow paint on the front bead for fast pickup.

OTOH, since my wingshooting style has me focussed in on the target,with the bbl and sight as just kinda peripheral reference points,a more visible sight would be a distraction and I see no great advantage there.

Since I'm often outshot by folks with Hi Vis sights, like the Fiber Optic sights I see at the range, there's more than one way to get there....

May 28, 2004, 11:49 AM
Does anyone know anything about their BRITE-SITE for handguns? They advertise as "Tritium" as well as "Tritium Fiber Optic".
They show a picture of each, and they look to be large enough to be seen during the day as well as at night.