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August 14, 2012, 04:48 PM
for the service rifle shoot am i able to run a Houge grip? or does it have to be A2? an does it matter on the barrel lenght or twist? i ask barrel cause i know 16" but i didn't know.

August 14, 2012, 07:43 PM
This should answer your question. I don't know anything about houge pistol grip.

Full rules are here:


M16/M4 rules are here:

The rifle must be an M16A2 or M16A4 rifl e issued by the U.S. Armed Forces or
a commercial rifl e of the same type and caliber. M16 rifl es must be chambered
for the 5.56mm cartridge and comply with the following specifi c requirements:
• Modifi cation to make automatic fi re impossible without removing, replacing
or altering parts is allowed.
• Metal or synthetic (polymer) magazines with standard service 20 or
30-round box magazine dimensions must be attached during the fi ring
of all courses and in all positions. A 10-round magazine with the same
external dimensions as a standard service 20-round box magazine may
be used. A dummy magazine with a ramp for single shot loading may be
used if this magazine has the same external dimensions as the standard
service 20-round box magazine. Standard service 20-round magazines
are straight, without curves. Standard service 30-round magazines are
• The front sight post may be fi xed or lockable.
• To stabilize the rear sight assembly, it may be fi tted with one or more pins
extending down into the receiver or with stabilizing projections extending
forward no more than 5/16” into the top groove of the carrying handle.
• The flash suppressor and bayonet lug may be removed or the rifl e may be
manufactured without a fl ash suppressor or bayonet lug. A vented barrel
extension may be attached. Barrel length may not exceed 20 inches, as
measured to the end of the rifl ing in the barrel.
• A screw may be inserted in the back radius of the pistol grip where it joins
the lower receiver. This screw may extend into the rear lock-down lug of
the upper receiver for the purpose of securing the upper and lower receivers.
The screw head may not protrude above the original surface of the
receiver. Both ends of the original takedown pin must remain in place so
that the original outside confi guration is not changed.
• Upper receivers may not be changed during the fi ring of any match.
• An external device may be attached to prevent selector lever movement
to the auto position.
• The front sling swivel may be attached to the front ferrule of the hand
guard or front tip of the “tube” (in the case of a fl oating barrel system) as
long as it remains in the 6 o’clock position and is no more than ½ inch from
the original sling swivel location.
• Only government-issue parts or government or commercial parts of the
exact same weight and dimensions may be used.
• Sights must be of the same types that were on rifl es issued to regular military
personnel, except that the internal diameter of rear apertures may be
modifi ed. Adjustable apertures, interchangeable inserts and lens inserts
of any type are prohibited. Special purpose sights designed for sniping or
competition are not permitted.
• Rifl es may be accurized only by the careful assembly of standard parts.
• Flash suppressors, cheek pads, recoil pads, or stock extensions are prohibited.
• Bayonets may not be attached to As-Issued Military Rifl es during competitions.
• Stocks must be as-issued stocks or replacement stocks with the same
dimensions. Laminated stocks and stocks made of synthetic materials
are prohibited. Broken or cracked as-issued stocks may be repaired with
the use of epoxies or other chemical adhesives, provided the original asissued
stock dimensions are not changed and no epoxy, adhesive or reinforcing
material is used in or on any of the bedding surfaces for the rifl e
action or barrel.