View Full Version : Who makes side-by-side break actions?

December 12, 2000, 05:21 AM
The only side-by-side double barreled 12 guage shotguns I've seen have been very low priced, somewhat generic ones. There's one in our local gunshop made in Russia. There's also a very interesting Russian side-by-side that fires 12 guage out of the right barrel, and .45-70 out of the left barrel. Neat-o.

December 12, 2000, 08:27 AM

Double guns are enjoying a resurgence in North America largely because in certain urban circles upland game hunting with a sxs has become trendy.

There are a variety of makers out there. In North America, Dakota Arms is making a sxs for $20K or so. There is an Ithaca reproduction on the market starting at $5K and up. There are a variety of makers in England, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain. Prices range from $2K right up to 6 figures.

The lower priced guns under 1K are coming from Brazil, Russia and Turkey.

Here's a couple of sites if you want to learn more.



December 12, 2000, 08:32 AM
Quality SXS shotguns are available but are expensive. Generally you will not find them in your average gunshop. As they are expensive most gunshops will not tie up money in inventory when they can move 30 mossbergs for every Beretta or SKB SXS they would sell. You may have to try a specialty shop or the Pro shop at the local T & S range.Also there are several internet sites dealing with Quality SXS.

Most quality SXS are made in Europe or Japan. Spanish gunmakers are probably the best value but may be hard to find. I will dig through my files and try to find some websites to post that deal with SXS guns.

Geoff Ross