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August 5, 2012, 10:15 PM
Well I got to take the new garand out today and I fired a total of 84 rounds out of her today. All being korean surplus 150 grain fmj. I had no jams of any kind the only problems I had were ammo related, in my opinion that korean surplus at least the lot that I got is not that great. I had 4 duds out of my 84 rounds so ignition was less than certain. On the brighter side the gun shot fairly well for me being behind it that is I blasted thru a few enblocs rapidly to check for function and was able to keep em all centered in the torso at 25 yards.

Afterwards I stepped the target out to 100 yards to get it to print on paper. It was hitting real low but after adjustment I got the group below, not that great but not horrible either. I'm not that great at group shooting I'm better offhand at steel targets. These shots were sitting at a bench but not resting the gun on anything since I had nothing to rest my gun on.

Afterwards I took a few pot shots at some busted clays at the 200 meter berm, I didn't hit it but I got pretty close more than enough to hit a man within a few inches so I was pleased. The only issue I had besides the duds was upon inserting the clip the bolt never went home by itself it would not have the oomf to push the first round into battery. I would have to pull the charging handle back a few times then maybe push forward with pressure. I was thinking op rod spring or the enblocs themselves any ideas to a remedy? Once the first round went in the gun shot smooth as butter never hanging up on the subsequent rounds.

Overall I'm very impressed and I'm very happy with my purchase I'm sure I can iron out the minor kinks with the gun and I bet I will have alot of fun with it, So anyone who wants one go get a garand already!

August 6, 2012, 06:30 PM
It is common to have to assist/bump the Op Rod to close

August 7, 2012, 08:33 AM
I highly recommend any new (or even old) Garand shooters attend one of the CMP GSM Garand Clinics.

They don't cost much, they are taught by CMP GSM Master Instructors who will get you shooting the gun right, and help you work out any of the kinks of the gun and shooters.

Here is a list of up coming local CMP Clinics:


Keep checking, the site is constantly being updated as more clinics get sanctioned.