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December 11, 2000, 08:36 PM
I went to a gun show this weekend and saw the most beautiful shotgun in my life. It was a Browing Presentation Grade III. All hand engraved w/gold inlaid ducks. They wanted $5500.00. Oh well i can dream cant I?

December 11, 2000, 09:08 PM
I have one word of advice for you . Do not, I repeat, do not ever pick up a copy of the 'Double Gun Journal".

You will be ruined for life if you do!

Geoff Ross

December 12, 2000, 12:23 AM
Why are they up there with the Perazzi shotguns in price? Im dumbfounded why any one would want to spend 80,000 for a shotgun.

Well i went to the Double gun web page. You were right.

December 12, 2000, 08:37 AM
If memory serves, Jeff Cooper once wrote that pistol shooters were more sociable, rifle shooters more solitary and shotgunners always broke. There's a good reason for that. Once you get bit by the fine gun bug there is no turning back.

Don't worry shortround there are far more shotgunners who dream and the more you learn the more expensive your dreams get.

December 12, 2000, 08:30 PM
Well, maybee for a Fabbri or David McKay Brown:)

The engraved Brownings cost so much due to the engraving, which is a form of art that some people appreciate (People with the bucks to buy them). The gun is no better functionally than a regular Browning.

Personally I do not care for the gold inlays, they are too chintzy for my tastes. I prefer the Italian Bulino style of engraving, which is basically the same type of engraving done for banknotes. True Bulino is absolutely gorgeous and the best examples belong in a museum. (Not to mention they are very expensive).

Oh well, I can drool like everyone else:) can't I.

(Purdey tastes on a mossberg budget, like everyone else)

Geoff Ross

Dave McC
December 14, 2000, 07:06 AM
Drool away, Geoff. A question, have you noticed just how beautiful a plain, unengraved top quality double can be? The elegance of line and proportion found on Shaker furniture comes to mind.

Went in to B&N yesterday to pick up a present for wife, and saw the Double Gun Jourrrnal and Shooting Sportsman side by side amongst the periodicals. Manfully resisted even picking them up(G)....

Bam Bam
December 14, 2000, 04:08 PM
Look but don't touch at http://www.griffinhowe.com

December 15, 2000, 12:32 AM
Perazzi shotguns range from 17,000 to 44,000 for some and 60,000 to 80,000. I think the girl that one gold medal it trap shooting at the Olympics was shooting a Perazzi.