View Full Version : Building up my new Savage Mark II TRR-SR this afternoon. (pics) >>>

July 28, 2012, 03:44 PM
Hi folks,

I have a couple of Silencerco "Sparrow" .22 suppressors coming to me in a few months, so I am building up some hosts.

I put this together this afternoon, it is a Savage Mark II TRR-SR. It features a 22" threaded barrel and the Savage Accu-Trigger.


I have added a 12-24" Harris bipod, and an old Simmons 3-9X 40mm scope. The bipod has the "S" swiveling mount and the BRM spring loaded legs, and the scope is nice and bright with a duplex reticle.


Bought a bunch of different ammo to try out (look closely), but I can't shoot it today. :( The range is building stages for a USPSA match tomorrow, so I'll have to wait.


This gun is supposed to very quiet and accurate out of the box. And when I get the suppressor screwed on, it should be 'silent'! Woohoo! The Silent Squirrel Killer!! @[email protected]

- Thomas