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July 8, 2012, 03:55 PM
I was looking to put a rifled 23inch barrel on my 870 express tactical to see what it could do with a sabot round. Upon placing it on there i noticed the magazine ring was to far down on the magazine tube (6 round cap.) to lock it in. What would be an easy way to remedy this problem or do they make a rifled barrel especially for the 6 round capacity magazine tube ?

July 8, 2012, 08:57 PM
I believe the 23" barrels were for the Special Field models, and they do not readily interchange with the standard barrels. You could make a spacer out of CPVC pipe I suppose.

July 8, 2012, 11:12 PM
Curious about your problem. The last time I looked at an 870 tactical, it had a 6 round magazine capacity, but that was actually a 4 round magazine with a 2 shell factory extension. Recently I believe I heard that some tactical type 870's came with an actual 6 round magazine tube. It isn't clear to me but sounds as if your rifled 23" would fit the old style Tactical model, if the 2 shot extension was removed. If theis makes any sense, and if you already bought the 23" barrel, you could cosnsider having a gun smith outfit your gunn with an old style 4" capacity magazinr tube (and if you want a 2 shot extension". That magazine is braised to the receiver, unlike a Mossberg, so it is likely a job for a gun smith.

Befrore doing all that I would call Remington and ask them if they are coming out with that barrel for a 6 shell magazine.

Perhaps I have things backwards. Pictures of the problem would help. If the lug ring does slide down over the magzine tube, what Virginian in LA says about a spacer would work. That sounds like what some guys did to make Remington barrels fit on some Chinese knock offs. (It's tube was also longer than the Remington. )

Here is a thread talking about using a spacer to fit a Remington barrel similar to Virginian-in-LA's suggestion. I cringe at the thought of PVC and this guy used EMT tubing shimmed with some flashing.

July 9, 2012, 06:04 AM
Well, it isn't really that stressful an application; the lockup is between the barrel and the bolt. All the Magazine cap/nut does is hold the barrel and fore end to the receiver. And a short section of CPVC pipe will take thousands of pounds in compression. CPVC is tougher than PVC, and the gray color is easier to blend in. I bought a 20 gauge 11-87 straight grip stock set for my LT 20 1100 and had to make a small spacer to fit in front of the barrel ring on that, and the CPVC has held up fine. But, if you are worried about it you could use steel pipe or aluminum conduit.
I have never seen barrel rings on 870 barrels in but two locations, the standard one and the Special Field edition which used a shorter fore end and a reduced capacity magazine tube, so if they have come out with something different for longer magazines, it is news to me. One of their big advantages has been all the interchangeability of parts, and I wouldn't think they would want to get away from that, but who knows.

July 9, 2012, 12:23 PM
Poosibly I was thinking of the Model 870™ Express® Tactical with BLACKHAWK! Spec Ops II which has and extended magazine instead of a magazine with an extension. http://www.remington.com/product-families/firearms/tactical-families/tactical-shotguns.aspx.