View Full Version : Using a two stage pistol in the rapid

July 8, 2012, 03:24 AM
With gas rifles I usually hold the trigger back after the round goes down range and I release a bit slack on that trigger till I hear the 1st stage reset.
From there I only have to pull 1st stage to get the 2nd shot off.

My question are....does this also apply to pistols with 2 stage triggers?
2. are most 1911s equipped with the 2 stage?
3. What actually resets inside when you let go of the trigger level a little?

July 8, 2012, 07:25 AM
There's really no set answer to your question.
Pistols and revolvers are available in many designs, and they can be quite different.
There's striker fired ones, that usually have a distinct takeup and reset.
There's double/single actions as well as double action only.
There's single action only, like 1911s, Browning High Powers and others.
All with hammers and firing pins instead of strikers.
They can have the long takeup and short reset positions of the trigger - or not.
It varies from design to design as well as between individual guns.
As for 1911s, I've run across them with absolutely no takeup.
And others that have a lot of takeup and a short reset, as compared to the total trigger travel, almost like a striker design.
No telling without trying them, sometimes.
Did this answer help or add to the confusion?

July 9, 2012, 10:36 AM
With revolvers you have to allow the trigger to go fully forward before you can fire again, as with some DOA pistols. Glocks and 1911's generally have a short trigger travel and a short reset. With a pistol, there is no way you can reset the trigger between firing the gun and the slide operating, my experience is the same with rifles. What you can do is "miss" the reset by not allowing the trigger to go far enough forward. That being said, every successive shot, the trigger must reset before you can fire another round. On my Glocks especially, I can feel the reset "click" if I try to, I have shot it enough its pretty automatic.

I personally do not care for 2 stage triggers on AR's either, I grew up shooting plain old rifles with single stage triggers, why change now?