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July 3, 2012, 11:49 PM
I am looking at this springfield 1903 and even though its been upgraded wich i really dont like. I would rather have it all original. I am thinking about buying it just to have one. But i would like some advice on a good price to offer. Here are a couple of pics of the rifle also i know the guy drilled and tapped it for a scope mount and also had the bolt handle grinded down for scope clearance. Any help would be awesome thanks.

July 3, 2012, 11:58 PM
$300 top price for a run-of-mill sporter without scope. $250 is better.

If you want it, buy it, but also save some money for that 98% original milsurp when it comes along.

July 3, 2012, 11:58 PM
you have a late production, safe to fire, 1932 model that appears to have been sand blasted and reblued recently. it's been drilled and tapped for scope mounts and the sights removed to accommodate the scope. the stock has been chopped pretty badly but it's not the worst job I've ever seen. I'd place it's value at anywhere from $300-400 but that's kind of generous. I can tell you right now that if you would rather have a military configuration that's where you want to start. by the time you spent $400 on the rifle, $250 on a stock, and $150 for sights you could have already bought a decent 1903 that has not been butchered yet and that's not even including all of the little parts like stock bands, bayonet lug, sling swivels etc etc...

Jim Watson
July 4, 2012, 12:15 AM
I would rather have it all original. I am thinking about buying it just to have one.

Don't buy it.
It is a long way from GI and you will just have to keep shopping and be out the money you could have applied to an unaltered '03.

July 4, 2012, 06:57 AM
That is a good hunting rifle and it's worth maybe $250 on a good day. It could never be returned to original configuration. Keep looking, you can find a nice 1903 or 03A3 for around $600+. These well continue to increase in value, look at it as a useable saving account.

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TX Hunter
July 4, 2012, 05:18 PM
The others beat me to the punch, I would say $300 It would make a fine Hunting Rifle, but is completely ruined as a collectable.