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June 30, 2012, 08:53 PM
So I just ordered my conversion stuff for my Saiga .223. Really excited to get it. Got my stuff from Carolina Shooters Supply. They seem to have great prices and I even found a promo code that took an additional 5% off. Due to the promo code I was even able to order a 30 round Galil magazine (I had a STRICT $200 budget).

I had to tell someone who would appreciate it a little more then my wife. Can't wait for the stuff to get here. I will have to post some before and after pics when I finish it.

June 30, 2012, 09:10 PM
So I take it you're installing a bullet guide then (you'll have to in order to make Galil mags function). I got all the parts for my own conversion for less than $100, but I just did the very most basic conversion (Tapco G2 trigger group, Tapco fixed synthetic stock and Tapco synthetic pistol grip). I didn't put a bullet guide in mine because, at the time at least, Surefire (now SGM tactical) magazines were not substantially more expensive than good quality 5.56 AK or Galil mags and don't require further modification to the rifle. With Tapco now making affordable Galil mags as well as originals coming down in price, I might consider eventually putting a bullet guide into my rifle.

June 30, 2012, 09:18 PM
i have a saiga 223 myself. i bought it for 199 new at a gun show a number of years ago. it is a great gun, accurate and problem free. i guess my question is why do people convert these? what is the purpose? i know it looks more like a sporter version of an ak and some people want to make it more military but other than that what are the benifits?

June 30, 2012, 11:42 PM
Yeah, I bought the bullet guide. The only Saiga mags I have seen are about $30 for 10 rounders. CSS has Galil mags $15 for a 30 rounder. I had though about getting a conversion piece I have seen that converts AK/Saigas to take AR mags. But that was an additional $100.

The main reason I want to convert mine is because I always wanted an AK style rifle. When looking into it the WASR rifles are quite a bit more then my Saiga and have questionable quality. Then the Arsenals and other higher end ones are nice but usually run about $1000. Plus, those are not set up exactly how I want it. So I figured to buy the cheaper Saiga with the better reputation and then outfit it just how I want it.

I ordered a collapsible and folding stock kit that CSS packages up. The stock is an ATI and I upgraded the kit to a different pistol grip made by Mission First Tactical. I had wanted an underfolder but I couldn't find any that would bolt up to a Saiga, and I am no fabricator. Then I wanted a stock that folded and collapsed but couldnt find one that did both. I was gonna get a folding mechanism seperate but then found this kit from CSS and pooped a brick.

Dale, lucky you, the days of the $200 Saigas are past us. I got mine in December for $300 and that was the best deal I could find.

July 2, 2012, 12:54 PM
why do people convert these? what is the purpose? i know it looks more like a sporter version of an ak and some people want to make it more military but other than that what are the benifits?

Even if you stay with a fixed stock, doing the conversion shortens up the OAL of the Rifle by a good 4". Prior to the conversion, my Saiga with its 16" barrel was roughly the same OAL as my dad's AR-15 with a 20" barrel. Even with the Warsaw-length fixed stock that I put on mine, a converted Saiga is, IMHO, a much shorter and handier rifle than an unconverted one (a folding stock would make it shorter and handier still).

Also, the trigger is improved by a conversion with a Tapco G2 trigger group. The long linkage system for the uncoverted Saiga's trigger makes it a bit gritty and spongy. While certainly no benchrest rifle, a converted Saiga's trigger is at least a good deal smoother than an unconverted on (feels much like a light revolver trigger).

Finally, you have the issue of high capacity magazines. While there are hi-caps made to work in unconverted Saigas (the SGM Tactical magazines work very well, but I can't comment on ProMags as I've never used them), the use of hi-caps in an unconverted Saiga is a legal grey area. While there is nothing in the text of Sec. 922r or 925(d)3 that specifically prohibits the use of high-capacity magazines in an unmodified imported rifle, the Chinese Mak 90's were banned from importation due to their ability to accept standard AK mags without modification to the rifle or magazine and the Saigas are specifically designed not to function with regular AK mags. While it's unlikely that you'd get in trouble for using SGM or ProMag magazines in an unconverted Saiga (I've never even heard of anyone being prosecuted under 922r, much less for a violation in such a grey area) many people feel that it is still safer, legally speaking, to only use high-capacity magazines in a converted Saiga.

chris in va
July 3, 2012, 09:17 PM
Go SLOW when turning the tap for the bullet guide. 1/4 turn, back off...another 1/4 turn. I've read horror stories of the tap snapping off, mine was pretty easy.

July 3, 2012, 10:30 PM
Yeah Chris, CSS (where I nought my stuff from has some videos on the stuff and that is the one thing he kept stressing.

I have actually been searching for a multitude of videos and write ups on it. This will be my first attempt at anything more in depth then cleaning my guns. I'm a little nervous but everyone says if you have any mechanical/handyman abilities you should be able to do it. Super excited and just gonna take the process SLOW.

Wish me luck, hoping to do it Saturday if all works out.