View Full Version : Burris and Silhouette

June 30, 2012, 04:57 PM
For rimfire silhouette shooting, I've relied on a Leupold scope with target knobs. That has served me quite well until I sold the Kimber & Leupold combo. Today I tested a different scope that doesn't seem to need any adjustment at all from the chickens back to the rams. The scope is a Burris FullField 4.5 to 14X 42MM. This has the ballistic reticule. I zeroed the cross hair on the chicken, the first cross mark on the pig, the third on the turkey, and the fourth on the ram and I was surprised and very well pleased with the results. To fine tune, I lowered the setting about one inch at 100 meters which put the fourth cross mark on center of the ram, I then shot backwards ending up a hair lower on the chicken. But my point is that this scope can be set up with no target turret adjustments at all. Just center each "hash-mark" on the animal and it will be on target. The scope really is made with a ballistic scale intended to match many popular center fire rifle rounds. I was pleased to learn it works very well for silhouette. I shoot a Charles Daly Zastava and the best performing round for this first attempt at testing was the SK Match. On the bench, the combo is capable of placing all 40 rounds on target. The hardware is certainly better than I am. Any miss at all is my own fault- not the hardware.

Jesse Tischauser
July 3, 2012, 12:53 PM
I love my Burris Tac30's so much I ordered a couple of their higher magnification scopes.