View Full Version : Churchill by Kassnar 16 ga. SxS

June 30, 2012, 02:14 PM
I have a chance to make an offer on what looks like a sweet little 16 ga SxS. I was just wondering if anybody knows anything about this gun.

June 30, 2012, 02:29 PM
Churchill was the trade name for a line of O/U and SXS shotguns imported by Kassnar, now defunct. Many were made in Italy, some in Turkey, so it is hard to give a definitive Yea/Nae on them (similar to the Spanish shotguns so common in the 1950s-60s). In general parts are not available, and if you do find parts labeled as for a Churchill, it is uncertain whether or not they will fit at all, as they used the same name and model designation for shotguns of different manufacture and design. That said, they are generally a very pretty shotgun (nice wood, checkered, and rolled engraving on the receivers), and handle fairly well, and you might have an excellent gun for all around use.

July 1, 2012, 12:25 AM
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July 5, 2012, 07:49 PM
I got it for $350.00. It was exactly what I was looking for: 16Ga., Double Trigger, Mod/Full, 28" Barrels. Maybe I paid a little too much, but I am a Happy Camper, and after all, that's what counts!!