View Full Version : PTR91 Cowitness with Aimpoint optics? Help please.

June 29, 2012, 07:18 PM
I see that it is indeed possible to achieve cowitness with an Aimpoint Micro, however, seeing as how this will be the first time I'll be considering buying an optic for a rifle, I wanted to know if anyone has achieved this with the optic stated in the topic.

Here are some pictures from a forum where I found that you could achieve cowitness with a Aimpoint Micro.



From my understanding, this mount here makes it possible to cowitness a red dot with the irons.


I'm concerned that if I get this optic
or this one

That the mounting equipment would prevent me from being able to cowitness the optic.

Why do I prefer the CompML3 or the CompM4 over the Micro? It's what I've been training with, and is what I'm most comfortable with so far.

Has anyone tried cowitnessing the PTR91' irons with the optics that I desire? Is it even possible? If not, then I may just go with the micro and try to get used to it instead, though I prefer the ones listed.

Most threads that I've found have not given me the answer that I desired sadly.