View Full Version : Need help adjusting iron sights on Savage 64

June 29, 2012, 01:16 PM
Hey guys (and gals ;-))

Can someone throw me a tip on adjusting the iron sights on my Savage model 64?

At 50 yards, it's shooting close to a couple of inches to the right. Not trusting myself, I had my buddy shoot it at a new target. He was a couple of inches to the right also. We each fired about 15 shots. My personal opinion is that the rifle is accurate (meaning there's not some inherent flaw or anything), but that the sights need a bit of tweaking. Keep in mind that's merely my opinion - throw in if you disagree, I'm all ears :-)

I'm inclined to give the rear slight a little tap to the left. Both the front and rear sights appear to be pinched in, metal dovetailed into the steel.

Advice greatly appreciated! Is this a gunsmith's job, do I just need a small hammer, etc. Would like to keep this rifle scope free if I can.


June 30, 2012, 08:25 AM
Whoa - nevermind! It was so simple I'm embarrassed - hehe :o

Okay, for anyone who might come across this and want to know the answer: it's REALLY REALLY easy.

A slight tap (I put mine in a vise and just did a small "tap tap", using a little pine block and a light rubber mallet) can greatly change the point of impact! Oh, first I hit it with a couple sprays of Kroil and let it sit for a minute, so this probably helped loosen it up... can't say for sure because I'm not sure if the quick little "tap"s I made would have been as effective w/o the Kroil.

So, yeah, it's embarrassingly easy and watch how much you 'tap' to adjust.