View Full Version : mowery 58 cal src brass fore end

June 28, 2012, 12:26 AM
Well, I think I solved the problem of my 58 cal carbine bending the pin that holds the brass fore end in place after just a few shots. I cheated; I glued it to the barrel with 5200 marine sealent. I also used a nail for a pin, and so far at least, it has not budged or bent the nail one iota. Big improvement. I used black 5200 so you really can't see it unless you look.
Not strickley authentic. But, it works.
I also switched to a hickory ramrod, as the brass one kept jumping loose every shot from tecoil and inertia.
Got a pretty little curley maple handle patch knife that is nice and sharp for when I use round ball.
By golly, it looks like this carbine is almost ready to go hunting!-ken