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Dave McC
December 9, 2000, 05:41 AM
We were talking about thses slugs a little while ago here and I mentioned that I'd report any field results as they happened. I've checked in three deer already this season, but alas, none fell to a slug.

That changed last night. On a herd control hunt on the Eastern Shore, I took a doe in the shoulder. She ran less than 75 yards and was dead in seconds. Entry was high on the shoulder at a slightly quartering forward angle, the slug busted the shoulder blade,minced the lungs, and exited on the off side about 3 ribs behind the shoulder crease. Excellent performance, which I expected. And that's a good thing, since I have about 150 of the things left(G)....

Al Thompson
December 9, 2000, 06:18 AM
Well Dave, ya beat me to it. Congradulations!

Next one you zap - could you use breath mints? Just in the name of research you know... :D :D


Dave McC
December 9, 2000, 04:06 PM
Giz, I'm possessed of reasonably good hunting skills, but I'm not at a level where I can get lots of shots at the range of lethality for Breath Mints(G)....

For that matter, I'd probably do better with an asseagai....

Al Thompson
December 9, 2000, 06:08 PM
'Nother Dave McC legend in the making... Shotgun shells loaded with asseagai's...

Guesss it'd look like a harpoon gun huh..

Speaking of weird stuff, my former ADC friends are using arrow rifles. Someone takes a .22 and lathes the OD of the barrel down so that an aluminum shafted arrow slides over it. A .22 power load propels the thing.

Not sure anything short of a kiln gun would boost an assegai to a decent velocity.. Be fun to try though!


December 9, 2000, 08:09 PM
Dave,how do they compare to the other Brenneke's ? we use the orignal 1-1/8 oz & the 1 oz both in 2-3/4" . I see the KO's for a $1.99 but I get the 1 oz on sale every fall for $2.50 a box and the 1-1/8 oz for $2.99 a box.

crow slayer
December 9, 2000, 09:57 PM
My dad took a doe with this round. Shot was broad side though heart and lungs. Deer traveled less than 50 feet, and left 3 chunks of lung the size of a double fist on the ground along the way. The slug put a hole in the deer the size of you fist(when first saw it I thought it had to be hit twice) went through 2 trees the size of you wrist and 8 the size of you thumb. For a sabot this was great performance. Anyway I have yet to shoot at a deer although I did make short work on a coyote at 80 yards with my Ithaca 37. Not much of a story there except that rifled deer slugs are hell on coyotes and everyone all ready new that. Good day to all.
P.S. Sorry for the word-y--ness

Dave McC
December 10, 2000, 07:54 AM
Not shooting an Asseagai, Giz, standing there and stabbing it as it walked by(G)...

BTW, I know a primitivist that took a 400lb wild boar with a flint tipped atlatl dart, no backup gun, no backup. He must have a set of big ones....

The grapevine says that DNR officers busted up a ring of poachers recently in Md. One item confiscated was some sort of arrow shooting device run on compressed air. Supposed to send the arrows out at nearly 500 FPS. Wanna calculate the ME and KE on THAT one,with say, a 400 gr arrow?

BTW, due to other obligations, I had to pass on a Dorchester County Sika deer hunt with buckshot. That's the only county in Md where buck is allowed, due to the thickness of the local swamps and jungles. So, buck size 1 and larger are authorized. I woulda used 00 on those elusive but tasty exotics.If I get another chance this year, unlikely, I'll report on the 00.

Huntsman,if there's an ineffective 12 ga slug for deer sized game, I certainly haven't run across it. All of them will work fine, the question is more as to whether which one is most accurate in a given shotgun. Only testing will reveal that. I've always had good results with any of the Brennekes, and I'm delighted to be able to lay in a supply w/o using up the kids' college money.Brennekes have always performed well for me.

But, I'm persnickety. I suggest you buy a couple 5 packs of each, carefully bench test and then buyamessa the one that groups best. Use recoil protection and let the bbl cool off between shots for best results.

Crow slayer, a coyote at 80 yards with a slug? Sounds like you know your weapon.

Congrats to your Dad,he did his part well. Quick, humane kills, short blood trail.

A coupla minor things...

Up until last year, I had been coasting on a dwindling supply of my old duty slugs, the Winchester 1 oz Forster type. Incredible effectiveness on deer. A herd control yearling doe shot high shoulder at 35 yards had an entry wound even bigger than with the KO slugs, my hunting buddy witnessed this and thought I was using some LE only explosive projectile. Blood and tissue seemed to explode from her side,and she didn't make 40 yards.I stuck all four fingers into the entry wound.

Another meat doe taken was hit at 90 degrees broadside one rib back from the shoulder,she dressed in the 120s, and both entrance and exit wounds were three finger size. Short blood trail there too.

Being as I married a city girl, we found out a long time ago that she likes the meat better if it shows up in nice neat little packages,so I take my deer to a butcher first. I dropped off this doe yesterday and picked up the two deer I had left the previous week,and the butcher showed me two Brenneke slugs he dug out of somebody else's deer. Neither slug showed major expansion, even tho the shells were the 3" version. Neither exited the deer, both were lengthwise or raking shots.

On looking at my doe, the butcher remarked that he saw few entrance wounds as big as this one,and wanted to know what kind of slug would do that for him and his Model 37. We then "wasted" some time discussing the merits of rifled bbls and sabots. He's not enthused about sabots, says that the guys report longer blood trails like I've mentioned here myself.

This is a guy who processes 60-100 deer per year, hunts his family farm since infancy,and sees more deer live and dead, than most of us. He liked the slug.

He also noted that my slug cut/broke three ribs on the way out,indicating it was moving at a different angle at that point.Maybe it did deflect, but I sure don't care...

crow slayer
December 10, 2000, 06:44 PM
Dave- right on and thanks for the compliment. 80 yards is right about my max although I've never shot (or shot at) a deer past 60. You got the winchester slugs report right to- devastating. I shot a quartering buck last year at about 25 yards and the slug deflected off the last rib straight forward and broke every rib on that side. Deer wondered around in a circle for maybe 15 secs and then just fell over.
Yep- sabots do leave longer trails(or at least some do.) Dads used Win BRIs, Rem Coppersolids(the old style), Lightfields, and Fed Barnes Expanders with the Barnes Expanders by far the best. The wield thing though, is that every slug he's tried has the same POI and all have had great accuracy... explain that.

December 11, 2000, 05:50 AM
Dave McC wrote:BTW, I know a primitivist that took a 400lb wild boar with a flint tipped atlatl dart, no backup gun, no backup. He must have a set of big ones....

Or maybe he's deficient in gray matter....;) I sure hope there were some trees around. If I were hunting boar with an atlatl and no backup, I wouldn't try a throw unless there was something climbable around, or I had a boar spear with me. (Discretion the better part of valor?)

Dave McC
December 11, 2000, 06:00 AM
Can't explain it,CS, and slug ballistics are one of the great unexplored areas of firearms research.

That hunt took place in South Georgia,Richard, and I guess there were trees handy. The guy's a grad student in Anthropology,and he wanted to do a dissertation on the effectiveness of primitive weapons.

Oleg Volk
December 11, 2000, 01:30 PM
We shot a few at an old bumper (late 60s) and KOs punched through both sides at 20 yards. Rifled slugs would go through one side and seriously dent the other. Soft "plinker" round-nose handloads would only dent one side.