View Full Version : SRVV Jet AK Brake Test & Review: Big Upgrade

June 19, 2012, 09:16 AM

This is the second SRVV brake I've reviewed and the other (7.62x39) performed very similar to the standard SGL brake but that's not the case with the Jet brake. In my opinion this style brake is an upgrade worthy of the $58 (if not more) they're charging for it.

-Recoil reduction
-Faster follow up shots
-Looks great (one man's opinion)
-Increase in velocity
-Gas is directed to the side and back so shooters on your left and right will not get as much muzzle blast as they would with a traditional AK 74 style brake
-Seemed slightly quieter from the perspective of the shooter

-Slightly longer (maybe 1/2'')

I don't have a working digital scale at the moment so I can't compare weight but it feels roughly the same as the SGL 31 brake.

Here's a video showing some of the performance that I found using this brake paired with a SGL 31 and Silver Bear ammo:

Review/Test Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNE5krrzKns&feature=g-upl)

Chronograph data with 60gr FMJ Silver Bear ammo:

No Brake: 2912fps
SGL Brake: 2924fps
SRVV Jet Brake: 3072fps

Roughly 150fps faster with the Jet brake.

An odd thing happened since I posted the review of the other brake and I thought I'd share since I'm sure some people reading this are distributors....

SRVV contacted me last night stating they have had a spike in US orders in the last 24 hours and a couple of their customers mentioned my review. They sent me an email thanking me for the review and stated they were looking for a US distributor and would offer 'significantly discounted' rates and asked if I was interested in being their distributor here. I informed them that I'm just some dude with a few guns and a camera, not a distributor. But, I'm just passing that along for those that may be.

In that email they also stated that the Jet brake was better at reducing muzzle climb since I mentioned that the other brake was only a slight improvement in the other review. I absolutely agree with them on that. This is a great brake and is a big improvement––-I'm sure the improvement would be much more significant on the 7.62 rifles.

Product Link (http://www.srvv.org/en/catalog/1317/)