View Full Version : New to me 922-M

red caddy
June 8, 2012, 09:07 AM
I recently acquired a slightly used Marlin 922-M 22 mag, clip fed. After a thorough cleaning, this old girl will put 5 rounds under an inch at 50 Yds. from a rest. Not terrible, but I think she can do better.

The trigger pull is around 7.3 Lbs, gritty, with lots of over travel, and changes as much as a pound, shot to shot. It's getting in the way of better groups.
What can be done to improve the trigger? The magazine safety seems to add a lot of weight to the pull as well as the hammer spring. Although the action, seems to me, to be patterned after the M-60, Fixes made for the '60 won't work well on the 922, too many added parts and points of movement.

I'm not necessarily looking for a 2 Lb target trigger, what I want is a positive, repeteable, creep free, 3.5 to 4.0 Lb release with no over travel.

Will some of you guru's take me to school?

Thanks, Paul