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Once Fired
June 7, 2012, 03:35 PM
Is there any advantage to already possessing an FFL Type 3 C&R license when applying for a different FFL license type in the future?

I would like to buy for myself at this point. Given that I expect in a year or so I would be ready, I hope to transition from reloading as a hobby to manufacturing ammo as a business.

What I have right now is a desire to collect, as well as benefit from some slightly better dealer pricing on ammo, components, etc.

However, if there is an advantage of getting a different class of FFL license down the road more easily because I have the C&R, that would make the C&R all the more worthwhile. Has anyone done this previously, or have knowledge of the portability of the records across license types?

Finally, I am also trying to understand the the FFL license requirements when operating from home. I am looking into the zoning requirements for my area, as that seems to be the least clear element of the process. Any pointers there?


I posted a similar question in a different thread, unintentionally highjacking the thread. My apologies. I put it here in its own spot instead. :) Mods - please feel free to nuke the other post.

June 7, 2012, 08:02 PM
from what I understand, it is a lot easier to apply for a C&R FFL than some of the other types of FFL, it is also easier to modify an FFL than to get a new one so getting a C&R is a good foot in the door if you plan on eventually opening a gun store. but that's just hearsay on my part, it could be completely wrong.