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December 6, 2000, 10:48 PM
Ihave several firearms i would like to find the value of.Any good and reliable sites to visit?

December 7, 2000, 12:10 AM
I don't know of any good sites.
Your best bet is to buy the latest copy of "The Blue Book of Gun Values" by S. P. Fjestad. It has problably the most models listed and grades them condition wise pretty finely.
The problem is that you will tend to over grade the condition of your arms and possibly get confused on what models you have.

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Cap n ball
December 7, 2000, 10:58 AM
It might be a good idea to do a little benchmarking and go to a few gun shows and look for the makes and models you have and see what the ones for sale that are in comparable shape are selling for. Don't just go up to a vendor and show him your piece and ask them what it's worth. Some things that are rare in one part of the country are quite common in others. Most of us tend to inflate the value of our prized pieces but fair market value shouldn't be too difficult to determine if you put yourself in the place of a prospective buyer. As with all things that people collect or just buy the value will be determined by rarity and condition. Good luck!

James K
December 7, 2000, 08:39 PM
Hi, B. Green,

If there are not too many, list them here and give as good an idea of condition (percentage of remaining finish and whether the guns are functional) and some of us will try to give you a "ballpark" figure. Alternatively, I agree with both the above suggestions.