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December 4, 2000, 03:53 PM
I just bought an old Colt .380 hammerless automatic and was wondering when it was made.Thw serial number is 1151xx.
The gun is in excellent condition in it's original box with all papers,even the little tag that tells what ammunition to use.

James K
December 4, 2000, 04:43 PM
Your gun was made in 1934. In average condition, those pocket models don't bring much, but one new in the box, with all the papers should run over $800.


December 4, 2000, 04:57 PM
Two websites of note for you -


Is Sam Lisker's excellent Colt Autos site, complete with takedown instructions, history, serial number ranges, etc.


Is a more general site, but still fun to read.

Remember, Bogart used a Colt Hammerless to shoot Maj Strosser in "Casablanca".

Ken Strayhorn
Hillsborough NC

December 5, 2000, 12:59 AM
The lady who brought it into the local gunshop didn't know much about it.Her husband bought it new and apparently never fired it.The magazine was still loaded whwn she brought it in!He must have loaded it and stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it.She just wanted to get rid of it.

David Roberson
December 6, 2000, 09:58 AM
S&W44, what a lucky break. That gun should be mine if there were any justice in the world. I demand a recount.

December 6, 2000, 02:35 PM
David,I left out the best part.I only paid $189 for the Colt.

David Roberson
December 6, 2000, 03:22 PM
S&W44, I hate you.