View Full Version : anyone from North Central Texas? looking for place to hunt hogs

May 1, 2012, 04:21 PM
I, along with my younger brother and wife's cousin are making a trip to Killeen/Fort Hood area in early October to meet my brother-in-law to do some hunting. We were thinking of either HOGS or exotics. Is there any decently priced hog hunts down that way? I've found a few with hogs and exotic does for under $300, but in reading about some of those hunts, I see some complaints about the animals running to you as if your feeding them! Not my kind of hunting! I'd rather find a rancher looking to eradicate some feral hogs and help him out. We are all responsible hunters with Hunter's Ed cards. We will be using rifles and shotguns. we thought we'd look into dove hunting too. Driving down from Northeast Ohio, so we want the 2800 mile round trip to be worthwhile!

If anyone has any suggestions for a paid hunt, please email me. Thanks

May 2, 2012, 10:59 PM
Google hunts based in Mclennan, Falls, Limestone, Hill, and Williamson Counties. Hogs are a dime per dozen here, but I've never heard of tame ones.

If I see some listed locally, I'll be happy to send you the info.

Deer season is in full bloom in Oct, and dove season will be on the way out. Deer season could interfere with hog hunting but not in everycase.

October in Texas is HOT complete with snakes and mosquitoes. In January after deer season, you'll have more options with hogs, and also the fishing will be great. Temps will be moderate. Oh, and your exotic doe may be tied to a fence post.

The second dove season cranks up in January.

PM me if I can help. I'm retired and know many folks in the game.