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Southern Shooter
April 30, 2012, 12:41 PM
It is clear that the meplat of the Lee TL430-240 SWC is not flat with sharp edges or very large. I am just wondering if that bullet, pushed to 1,150-1,200 FPS and using wheel-weights for material, would be effective defensively on things like hogs, black bear, moose, etc.

Or, would the meplat really make that big of a deal??


Mike / Tx
May 26, 2012, 06:10 AM
The Lee will throw some good bullets and with WW alloy will effectively do the job on a hog or deer. Sweetened it up a bit with some pure lead it will probably give you some better expansion as well. Either way, your still going to be putting a nearly half inch hole in, and in most cases, through the intended target, so shot placement will be about your biggest concern.

That said, if you haven't purchased the Lee mold already you might look up MP Molds and shoot him a note on the availability of one of his Mp 423-256 molds. It will cost a tad more, but if he has one get it. In the long run you will have one mold which will serve just about any purpose you will ever need with your 44.

I have one myself and it throws wonderful bullets in both FN and HP's. You will need to soften up the straight WW alloy in order to get the proper expansion with the HP's, but it is very easily done with some range lead or pure lead. The money will be well spent on it, and you will not be disappointed in the craftsmanship or the end product. If you get one, use a thermometer in your pot and bring the alloy up to about 720 - 730 degrees, and preheat the mold on a small hot plate while your alloy heats up. Once everything is up to temp you will not want to stop pouring them.

Check out the articles presented here,
Glen E. Fryxell, Cast bullets and firearm information and history (http://www.lasc.us/ArticlesFryxell.htm)

Download his free book " From Ingot to Target" while your there, and be sure to also check out the link in the top right corner, " Cast Bullet Notes".

Hope this helps.