View Full Version : Help installing new float tube on Nordic/SR-22 Chassis

April 28, 2012, 02:35 PM
Hey all.

Recently got stock forend removed from my sr-22/nordic and now I am looking at replacing it. problem is I can't seem to get all the components stationary? and now putting the stock SR22 fore end back on seems to be just slightly canted to one side. I'll be honest I am no AR pro so please help!

1.) thread on barrel nut
2.) thread lock nut on to barrel nut
3.) install fore end
4.) tighten lock nut to fore end, but this causes the barrel nut to come unthreaded...

Does the barrel nut needed to be locktited in place for good before I install the forend? Right now I'm doing the whole mix and match thing and really don't wanna make anything permanent.

or am I totally missing something?

Also whats the purpose of the lock nut on the regular SR-22 fore end? since the tube and 'barrel nut' looks to be one piece? I feel totally confused.

April 29, 2012, 01:24 PM

I assume the Nordic is quite similar to an AR install. People here have to know how to install them to ARs! :(

Please any help would be great.

I'm guessing the barrel nut needs to be locktited on before installing my float tube. So i can't just have it threaded on... :confused: