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Nate Shult
April 23, 2012, 11:44 PM
Alright I will start by saying I am a new member to your forum. I have read a lot of information on here from time to time learning a lot about reloading, ballistics on different caliber guns, and even reviews of products and guns.
I finally have a question that I haven't seen posted on here, and cannot seem to find an answer to anywhere else so I figured I'd seek out some of the expert opinions on here. I am very intrigued by the Remington 700 VTR's as a hunting gun. I was turned on to them by the fact that you get a heavy barreled rifle that is a little shorter and has a little less weight. I also like the feel to the stock on this gun. The problem is that I want one (unless anyone has a good reason why I should avoid this gun), in a 7mm-08. I am wondering if anyone makes a barrel in 7mm for this gun, or if I am just out of luck here. If they do what kind of cost am I looking at for the barrel and to get everything fitted so that it will work? I am sorry if this is a stupid question, I am just more of a shotgun guy and relatively new to the world of rifles. Thank you for any help on the subject.

April 24, 2012, 06:32 AM
The closest you will come to a heavy barreled 700 in 7mm08 is finding a SPS Varmint in one and converting it to what you want. Its what I had to do to get mine. Then I had to do a whole lot more to make it what I wanted thoug it was still considerably less than a custom build.

Savage will chamber any of their 10 Series guns in 7mm08 on a special order or you could find a donor action and have it rebarreled and build the gun.



April 24, 2012, 11:45 AM
I don't fully understand. I believe all the VTR's have that triangle barrel. If that is what you want, you will be limited to what Remington offers.

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April 24, 2012, 11:50 AM
Welcome to TFL. First of all, don't worry about your question sounding stupid. Folks here may give each other grief for giving stupid answers, but that is an altogether different animal.

I have not seen many options in heavy barrelled 7mm08. You may have to look at getting a 7mm08 and then finding a new barrel for it. Bud's has a few different options on 7mm08 Savages for reasonable prices, but the cost is going up as the supply diminishes. That may give you a starting point for your shopping, though.

Nate Shult
April 25, 2012, 02:51 AM
Thanks for pointing me in the in the right direction I'll have to check it out and see what I can come up with.
mrawesome ya I was wondering if anyone made a triangular barrel that would fit in the 700 VTR because I was kind of drawn to that set up. It looks like I'll be going a different direction to pursue a heavy barrel 7mm08 though.

April 25, 2012, 01:23 PM
Find the right gunsmith and he can make you a triangle barrel from a blank. Some will not want to mess with it. Match Grade Machine will build triangle barrels for Encore and Contender rifles so I'm sure they would rebarrel a M700 the same way.

April 27, 2012, 08:03 AM
My older son's first rifle a couple of years ago was a 700 VTR in .223.

Great rifle. But I've gotta tell you, IMO, the triangular barrel is marketing hype. Yes, the rifle is sub-minute accurate- but I don't attribute that to the barrel. I don't think the design is any more, or less, "accurate" than a traditional round barrel.

Also, we found the plastic stock was crapola. We replaced it with a B&C stock, and that's when the groups shrunk dramatically.

I'm a fan of the 7-08, great caliber, I'm re-barreling a Savage to a fast twist to handle heavier pills for long range shooting.

A varmint contour barreled offering from Rem is a good choice, but depending on the hunting you do, you may not want the additional weight of the heavy barrel.

Savage is a great option as stated. If you can't find what you want, just buy an action from Northland Shooters Supply- or buy a used rifle for a "donor" action, buy the aftermarket barrel in contour/twist of your choice, and a decent aftermarket stock. You can do all this for well under a grand, and easily assemble it yourself.