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April 23, 2012, 02:08 PM
I have a 1911 that shoots to the left 1.5/2.0 inches at 12.5 yards.

The gun has a Heinle rear sight.

A laser bore sight confirms the gun shoots left as well as a factory shooter and an LEO friend of mine. The gun shoots left for all three of us.

The Heinle sight is going to be a beast to move and as best I can tell, the rear sight needs to be moved about .018/.021 inch.

When I look down on the top of the pistol, I can tell the sight is shifted to the right.

I have loosened the sight base and whacked it pretty good with a brass drift and have seen no movement.

My question is if you had a gun with this kind of issue, would you bother moving the sight at all?

I really hate to beat the stuffing out of it but I have several 1911s and this one is the only one with the problem and it just irritates me.

If it was your gun, what would you do?

If you decided to move the sight, how would you do it other than whack it.

Would a sight pusher be precise enough to make a .020 inch move?

The only thing I can think of to gage the move is to make a pencil mark next to the edge of the slide and push it/ whack it to see daylight between the line and the edge of the sight.

Any ideas how to best make this work?


April 23, 2012, 02:44 PM
Something like this would irritate me to no end. Get the slide in a WELL PROTECTED vise and frail the heck out of the sight if that is what it takes.
BTDT. While I had the Heinie loose, I'd get something else but that's just me.

April 23, 2012, 04:31 PM
Well, the CZ custom shop is not far from me.

I took the gun over to them and asked them to shift the sights .021 in. to the right.

I took the gun over to the indoor range and ran 7 mags through it and the gun shoots to point of aim.

Just the way it is supposed to.