View Full Version : Cheap 12ga. Savage SG: How'd I Do?

December 2, 2000, 11:26 PM
It is a Model 69RXL Series E. The address for Savage on the headstamp is Westfield, Mass. The dealer guesstimated that it was produced in the 60's? It appears to be 98% plus, and I paid $165.

It has a 6rd. tube stopping an inch short of the muzzle. The mag's end cap is held in place by the forward QD sling mount stud. It, in turn, is screwed into a base that seems to be welded onto/integral with the muzzle at 6 o'clock. Sort of a ramped front sight base in reverse. The walnut(?) forend has a single action bar on the left side connecting to a bolt with twin extractors. The safety is of a top tang design ala Mossberg. The action release is on the left rear of the trigger guard, where the safety would be on an 870. Shooting southpaw with longarms, the last two features made me take the leap, along with the price of course.:)

Well, I took it out this evening and encountered some difficulty. In order to load the tube, I must have the action open. Otherwise, the shell I just inserted wants to slip partially back out onto the lifter, preventing me from raising the lifter to get the next one in. Oh, they just don't slip in nicely either. I literally had to turn it muzzle down and use all the force of my thumb to get them past the retaining tab at the mouth of the mag. This got particularly difficult with the 3rd through 6th rounds. I do not think it is the mag spring though, because once I force them past the tab, the mag spring compressed quite easily.

Are any of you here familiar with this model enough to provide any assistance? Opinions are also appreciated. Thanks, VL.

December 3, 2000, 10:59 AM
According to Thomas Swearengen's excellent bookThe World's Fighting Shotguns the Model 69R Police Riot Gun and the Model 77E, made for the Department of Defense, were basically the same gun with only minor variances. These were very robust shotguns, some being used in Vietnam. There isn't a specific reference to the 69RXL Series E though. The book only lists the standard 4+1 capacity though.
Savage started putting a top tang safety on the Model 69R in 1972.HTH