View Full Version : Which Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit (TTU) -I cant decide

April 17, 2012, 09:40 AM
I have been looking at Wilson Combat's TTU triggers designed for the AR but I have no actual experience with any of these triggers. From what few reviews I have been able to find online, aside from a couple problem triggers that experienced reset and lockup issues, most have said good things about them. The TTU line of triggers seem to be durable, safe and very clean breaking with a fast reset.

I have a carbine that has a horrible trigger in it right now. It is creepy and very gritty even after a clean up job. Because I have my carbine setup for close in work, I believe a standard single-stage trigger would be the best choice for the task...the TTU trigger seems perfectly suited to fill this purpose: the TR-TTU has a 4# single-stage trigger...and the TR-TTU-MIL offers a 5 to 5-3/4# single-stage trigger.

Does anyone have experience with either of these triggers? Which would be better suited for a CQB-type carbine...the 4# TTU or the heavier 5# TTU-MIL?