View Full Version : Smith & Stevens Shotgun?

December 2, 2000, 11:25 AM
Fellow shooters:

Many years ago, I swear I remember owning an 18 gauge single barrel shotgun made by Smith & Stevens. My brother reminded me of it while we were participating in a turkey shoot a few weeks ago. Alas the gun is gone, now, but I've been trying to find out if I'm remembering the name correctly. My brother says it was a 410 but I clearly remember shooting it at a turkey shoot when I was a kid and using an 18 gauge shell. As a matter of fact, I won a round with it!

Have any of you ever heard of this brand of shotgun or have I had too many eggnogs over the years?


Steven Mace
December 2, 2000, 05:53 PM
Well, an 18 gauge shotgun would have a bore diameter of about .637". This was typically considered a European gauge with shotguns made by Braun & Bloem, Kynoch and Gustave Genschow chambered for this caliber. I'm not aware of any shotgun manufacturers in the USA making an 18 gauge shotgun. Rome, my guess is you're actually referring to something like a Stevens Model 94 single shot shotgun chambered in 28 gauge? This would have had a bore diameter of about .550". But that's just my guess.

Steve Mace