View Full Version : more Wow, ...5 birds in 10 days

April 13, 2012, 01:38 AM
Absolutely the wildest season opening week I have ever had. The highlights have been bamaboy's first two birds, I would give up my 3 if I had to, so that I could be on those two of his. I did not shoot any birds out from under him either fellas, he was committed to school or other and I was hunting alone for mine!

We "greened out" early here this year, and week one had as much foilage as week 3 normally does. But the birds seemed about as vocal as they should be. That meant that you could get closer to vocal, early season birds, than you normally could. I don't think we "sat to" a gobbler any further than 100 yds out yet. And closer means a higher chance for a called up tom.

Plus, it was one of those years (so far) where every thing has gone right. We even left the house late one AM and got beat to a spot by other hunters, went somewhere else, now really late, and struck two more gobbling birds, and the boy bagged one.

My old pocker slate, homemade by some unknown, and given to me by my best man at my wedding, has been a real seducer. The striker, of ash and corncob, bought at a liquor store in Arkansas, at Ouachita NF many seasons back (a 6 ft gobbler sillhoute out front advertised "CALLS", and tables inside were covered with same, and guys standing around with their slates and pots, trying same,.....absolutely classic) has been the stylus of choice.

Bamaboy used my old Rem 870 with with rifle sighted deer barrel and a Rem Super full turkey choke screwed in the end. His load has been 2-3/4 inch short mag lead #6 and I have been impressed, having moved away from #6 myself a few years back. My loads (same gun) have been W-W 3" 1-3/4 oz hi vel #5, and they worked like they always have for the past 4 or 5 years.

We've been toying with a pistol gripped stock. He likes it, but as a teen it may be the appearance. I like it, for a variety of reasons, 'till I shoot it. With the 3" shells, it smacked me hard on my first bird, and, now I swap it back and forth if he hunts (I carry another gun).

With the traditional stock in place, the guns swings like it should as a game gun which helped out on my last bird. I got caught looking /pointing front, when the bird appeard at 20 yds, hard off my right shoulder. Many tense minutes later, I was nearly on target when the bird spooked and began to run. It was wide open on a logging road, no brush to contend with. Twenty seven years with the same gun paid off as I picked up the bobbing head and dumped him as he tried to scoot off, at 40 paces. Bit of luck there too, but I'll take it.