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crow slayer
December 1, 2000, 10:21 PM
Hey Dave or any one else-
Stopped into a gun shop the other day and picked up a Rem. 1100 and man I liked that gun. When home and told my dad about it(I'm still a few months shy of 18) and he said a bunch of guys he knew got them and didn't like them. He said they would get dirty and jam alot. I've heard alot of praise for them on other threads and wondering if the newer 1100s are better than the older one?
Any input apreciated.

December 1, 2000, 11:13 PM
Crow Slayer, there are people who can break anvils. So I'd take these horror stories from your Dad's friends with a grain of salt.

I've had an 1100 for years and never had a hick-up! The 1100 is famous for shooting the lightest to heaviest loads with no need for adjustment.

Maintenance was never difficult. You might want to order a few extra rubber barrel seals. Place the piston, piston seal, and the barrel seal in the correct position after cleaning and you'll never have problems!

Regards! DaMan

Dave McC
December 2, 2000, 07:52 AM
Crow slayer, those same folks probably get 300 magnums because they miss bucks with their 30-06's and don't want it to happen again. Every malfunctioning 1100 I've seen was owned by an idiot who regarded cleaning and lubing as Bicentennial events.

Peaens of praise have come from the clay games folks for the 1100, most of the top folks have moved on to other shotguns but not until they shot thousands and thousands of rounds through 1100s. A decade or so ago, the 1100 was THE trap gun for the guy who couldn't afford a Kreighoff or Perazzi.

December 2, 2000, 08:33 AM
i had an 1100 for years (sold it not long ago) and the only problem i had was some idiot switch the gas seals around backwards (me!)...never hung up, never jammed, and i cleaned it occasionally with wd40....

December 2, 2000, 08:39 AM
A gentleman who is a semi regular at our Thursday night trap and BS session once had his 1100 jam up solid in the middle of a round. One of the guys offered to help him fix the problem and began with removing the foreend and barrel.

The gun's owner became agitated, stopped my friend and demanded to know what he was doing. It seems the owner had NEVER taken the barrel off and properly cleaned the gun. He said he just brushed the barrels and sprayed the action with oil. The gun was totally fouled inside with layers of cabon, old oil, dirt, etc. A couple of rags, a can of G96 and a little elbow grease put the gun back in shape.

This fellow had been shooting at our club well over a year and came out every couple of weeks. By our estimation, he'd put at least 3 thousand rounds through the gun without a proper cleaning.

I shot an 11-87 Sporting Clays for years before the o/u bug bit and, if kept clean, they are reliable. Just make sure you following the cleaning instructions.