View Full Version : Mossberg 151M Troubles

April 5, 2012, 03:26 PM
Hi...new member and though I've been around firearms all my life, I've never seen or heard of this particular rifle until one was recently given to me.

Trouble was found after the rifle was cleaned and lubed...it needed it badly, the thing was filthy. I've found the rifle will not always cock the trigger after charging the bolt...sometimes it will, most-times it won't. Also, on those times it will cock the trigger, it fails to eject the spent case (CCI 22 LR-HP.) During those times I'll either get a stove-pipe or a crushed case. She loads into the stock cleanly and the .22's seem to be feeding down the lenght of the stock to the breech quite easily. In the event she does fire, I've found the spent case is stuck while the fresh round is also jammed into the receiver as well.

I guess in other words, she won't fire consistently, she won't feed consistently; nor, will she eject at all.

Since I've seen a couple of other posts about the 151M on this forum, I figured this may be a good place to start my quest for answers.

Thank for any and all help.