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April 4, 2012, 10:24 PM
The north zone of AL tukey season opened on 1April, and bamaboy and I have been hitting it hard. I'd scouted hard and had a goodly number of gobblers located.

The highlight of the year, and a lifetime memory, occured on Day 1, as the boy (16) and I got on a bird (public land) gobbling at daybreak and....3 hrs and 4 setups later, with me at this side, Caleb dumped him at 37 steps with my old reliable pump, his first gobbler! A good 3 yr old, 1" spurs, 9 1/2 beard, and 18 lbs. I was more excited than he was!

Day 2 found me alone on another area in the same WMA. I'd heard two, and was attempting to course out the closest, when a third bird answered my crow call on the same ridge I was already on. A logging road led his direction, and many gobbler tracks inclined me to believe the bird used the road, so I proceeded cautiously. I got lucky and spotted him in full strut about 200 yds out,and coming my way. Slid in against a stump and a few minutes later he waltzed into range, 25 steps and the old Rem pump rolled another. Yeah, no call (well he did gobble at my crow call!), and basically an ambush, but I've had plenty get away that I should have killed, to feel too bad about a gimmie. The bird went 17-1/2 lbs, 3/4" spurs, and a 9-1/4 beard.

We roosted another bird that night, but found other hunters there the next AM, so we relocated to one of my favorite spots. Two gobblers gave us the wildest morning of gobbling I have ever heard. Again, 4 setups and this time 4 hrs later, the boy busted his second bird ever and this time, he was more excited than me. A longish 40 yd shot, but open, on a 18 lb, 3/4 spurred, 9-1/2 inch bird.

I hunted alone this morning, and didn't hear a thing, but played the memory of the last 3 mornings in my mind over and over!!!!!

April 5, 2012, 08:51 AM
Man, that's fantastic. Great memories. I'm counting the days till my little fellow is old enough to get out there with me. Congrats!!