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April 1, 2012, 09:58 PM

I have an early model (1909?) Winchester Model 94 Takedown in 32 Special with an Octagon Barrel. I took it apart tonight to give it a yearly cleaning and ran into a problem putting it back together. The Magazine Band (Barrel Band?) that slides down the magazine and is supposed to seat itsel inside a cutout on the bottom side of the Barrel (too marry the barrel and magazine)will not seat its self properly. It really appears as if the Band is about 1/64 of an inch too long to seat itself. I must admit I felt like an idiot not being able to have the band fit properly.

Have any of ou ran into this issue? Is there a trick getting the band to seat itself? I would greatly appreciate any advice.



April 2, 2012, 09:56 AM
Welcome to the forum. I have collected antique Winchesters for 45 years and have had quite a number of takedown models over the decades. However without actually having one present I cant for certain give an answer. Is your action open when you are trying to reassemble? Be very careful not to wiggle the unsecured barrel in the reciever as this tends to permanetly loosen the rifle. Take great care in its reassembly. Then if I could offer some unsolicited advise? Dont ever take the gun down again. While Winchesters were and are about the finest commercial firearm around, this takedown system was weak and proved too fragile. Get it back together and then leave it that way. I cant count how many ruined takedown models I have handled over the years. Good luck.

April 2, 2012, 12:27 PM
Thanks 30-30. The barrel and receiver went back together like a dream. It is just very strange that I can't get the magazine Band to seat itself in the notch in the underside of the barrel. I am not overly concerned because I have to imagine any experienced gunsmith could figure out the issue.

If the issue dealt with the lockup of the receiver and barrel I would be very concerned. Thanks.