View Full Version : High Wall 40-70 SS

March 22, 2012, 06:00 PM
Like the title says I got a High Wall chambered for the 40-70 SS. Its an original rifle. Looks pretty ok, but the fun part is that it has a minty bore.

Now, getting this old timer to shoot straight is a pain. The twist is 1:20. The bore has an even diameter through out. Big/small diameter is .402/.396.

I have tried bullets ranging from several bullets, all of them showes traces of wobling. That might improve further down the range, I have just tested it at 100m. I just receieved a new mold for it. Made by Steve Brooks. Custom made for this rifle. Round nose old style, .403 1.18" long, weight 350 grs. Still wobling. Part from that I get vertical strings. I have tested the rounds through a chrono. No signs of wide spread speed. Several others have tried the rifle, same pattern. Up and down. Blow tubing between shots. Tried wiping between shots, no difference. Even tried different kind of lubes. Powder used is Swiss no 4. and no 3.

I have read articles written by others using this cartridge. And they tend to write about powder loads in the 63 grs or less area. Using a 0.03" wad and a slight compression. There is no way I can get the load any where near the bullet base using such a load. I would need to use some kind of filler. As I am against fillers I have used 71 grs of Swiss no 4, and 73 grs of Swiss no 3. Without any compression!! Yep, I know, I should try to get over the no filler thingy going on in my head, but its called 40-70 for a reason.

Im talking too much.... what I mean is.. can someone please come up with some suggestions here?!! Im starting to get frustrated. This rifle should be able to shoot like 1" groups at 100m. Im getting more like 4-5". Mostly up and down, up and down.

Ok guys... Ill shut up. Have a great weekend all.