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Harry Callahan
March 4, 2012, 01:42 AM

I was disassembling my Hi Powers today to remove the magazine disconnects and polish/clean the sear levers. My 9mm from '73 was no problem, everything went without a hitch. But the .40 Practical from '05 was a pita. I could not get the disconnect out. I'm thinking I'll have to remove the trigger assembly to get at a second pin which may be holding it in place. Also, I didn't notice a sear lever spring on the 9 like there is on the .40. Almost looks like there was never one there. Any tips from anybody who's done this?

March 6, 2012, 11:38 AM
There are several variations of triggers in Hi-Powers that reflect advancements in design.

Just so we are on the same page, are you referring to the vertical lever (your term disconnect) coming off the trigger that pressed against the sear lever in the slide? If that's the one we use the term 'tripping lever' in the UK!

At the rear of the trigger is the plunger that makes this lever rotate forward away from engagement with the sear lever when the magazine is out of the weapon. To get the tripping lever out, one has to drive out the trigger axis pin and then lift the trigger assembly up and back slightly, which will enable you to pull out the tripping lever.

While you are here, you might as well take out the trigger assembly and clean it up - it comes out downwards into the trigger guard and voila.

Reassembly is reverse the above, but getting that tripping lever into place requires 4 hands or really good manual dexterity with the two you already have!

Hold the tripping lever vertically and lift the rear arm of the trigger spring, introduce the lever back into its recess (you may find pressing the magazine disconnect at the same time useful). It is one of the more difficult moves in reassembling a Hi-Power, so be patient as it may take you a few go's to get it back in!

The other way (cheating really) is to use a high pressure air line to blast the whole area - really effective at blowing stuff out of there - and / or spray solvent into the area followed by lots of oil.

In Northern Ireland we would take the grips off our Hi-Powers (we call them L9A1 Pistols) and drop the entire frame and slide into trichlorotricethylene (a potent solvent). Leave it there while having a cup of tea and then take it out; the trich' evaporates in air and leaves the pistol spotless, but needing lots of oil (so we'd dunk it into a container full of small arms oil and let it drip dry).

Unfortunately trich' was banned under the Montreal Accords regarding substances that were really nasty for the environment.

I hope this all helps you.

March 7, 2012, 10:23 AM
I bought a new '03 BHP MkIII with the black epoxy finish. I thought I'd never get it apart to remove the mag safety. It was like the epoxy finish was gluing the parts in place. Big vise, Big hammer, etc. What a pain. Great gun though.