View Full Version : Browning Auto-5, need help with stuck firing pin

November 28, 2000, 03:02 PM
I have a Browning Auto-5 and the firing pin is sticking every second or third shot without firing the shell. Is there a way to get to the firing pin to clean and oil it without disassembling the entire gun? Is this the problem or would it be a weak spring? I just received this gun from a relative, so it is probably used and has yet to be cleaned even though it looks to be in great condition. The gun is hard to disassemble, I have yet to find a screwdriver thin enough and strong enough to not break when attempting to disassemble the frame. Thank You for any help!

November 29, 2000, 07:28 AM
There is no way of cleaning the firing pin without dis-asembling the gun. If the FP is sluggish, the rest of the gun needs cleaning also. The Auto 5 is not the easiest gun to take apart, it has been called the gunsmiths shotgun. If you want to do it yourself, you should get Gun Digest Firearms assembly/disassembly on shotguns. Their instructions are pretty good. Brownells (www.brownells.com) sells thin screwdriver bits. Get the thinnest ones they offer. Measure the screw widths to get the right width bit. Just remember to put the screws in the same holes they came out of on the same side. They are matched.
If you don't want to clean it yourself, take it to your local gunsmith. If you don't have a gunsmith close, you can ship it to me and I will clean it for you for $35.00 plus return shipping (about $10.00). I am a licensed gunsmith , have worked on many Auto 5's and have the correct tools. You can e-mail me at [email protected] Good Luck-John K

November 29, 2000, 01:20 PM
Thanks for the good info. It is definitely embarrasing having the gun misfire constantly at the range. I will see what I can do with it, but thank you for knowing I can send it out to you if necessary.

November 30, 2000, 09:16 PM
How much do you charge to put one back together after someone takes it apart to clean??? lol. Seriously though, I have my dads sweet 16 and the manual recommends that the action be cleaned only by a certified gunsmith. The problem with that is I am a firm believer in cleaning your weapons after each shoot, and being unable to clean that 16 is driving me nuts!! I have been tempted to give it a shot, god only knows the last time it was done, don't know if my dad did it himself or if its ever been done. The action appears to be very well kept...How fast does the action get dirty in a recoil automatic?

December 1, 2000, 01:29 AM
Bobshouse, They should be cleaned once a year, more often if they have been shot on a regular basis. The Auto 5's get dirty just like any other firearm. The other problem is that after a while the oil in the firearm gets gummy. When that happens in holds dirt and acts like an abrasive. Not good in a Browning as the parts are closely fit. The Auto 5 is a little more difficult to take apart than most and requires thin, correct fitting screwdriver bits. If you feel uneasy about doing it yourself, take it to a gunsmith.
One other thing, you are more likely to cause wear by taking apart a firearm too often. A good cleaning of the barrel and parts that you can get to without tearing it apart is all that is needed in between major cleanings.
The only thing I hate about working on a sweet 16 is giving it back to the owner when I'm done with it. They are neet guns. Someday I will buy one for my collection.
Good Shooting-John K
P.S. a lot of gunsmiths add the idiot tax to their charges when someone brings in a bag o gun. I try not to unless parts are missing. I feel that at least the guy tried. A good part of the time they will tell you it was their kid that did it lol.